Privacy Policy

  • Introduction and definition of terms
  • Compliance with current legislation
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Justification for processing a User’s personal data
  • Type of data gathered by Santillana Services
  • The sharing of a User’s personal data shared with Third Parties
  • Users under fourteen years of age
  • A User’s rights
  • Data storage timescale
  • Legal basis for processing a Users’ personal data


a) Introduction and definition of terms

By reading and accepting this Privacy Policy, as well as Santillana Service’s Conditions, you can thereafter make use of said services.

By accepting this clause, you thereby accept the terms of Santillana Service’s Privacy Policy as a User of any of the free or paid services, products, content, programmes, apps, shops, e-commerce websites or videos (hereafter, Santillana Services) that Santillana provides to its internet Users.

For the purposes of a clear understanding of Santillana Service’s Privacy Policy, the following terms are defined as follows:

  • The User shall be deemed to be whichever private or juridical subject who accesses and/or makes use of Santillana Services by whatever means and without having registered to do so.
  • Santillana Services comprises free and paid services, products and publicity material that require access to information, content, corporate and publishing sales communiqués, programmes, apps, shops, websites, videos, and related material.

Santillana Service’s Privacy Policy is applicable to:

  • User navigation within all Santillana web pages and mobile phone applications.
  • User access, by whatever means, to all Santillana’s services and content.
  • User navigation of Santillana Services’ content carried out from any device that allows such navigation to occur, such as computers, digital televisions, Smart TVs, PDAs, tablets, iPads, iPhones, mobile telephones, smartphones, social network subscriptions or any other device which allows access to material published om the internet.
  • User navigation of Santillana Services’ content from anywhere in the world, whether this content is hosted in the country in question or not.


b) Compliance with current legislation

Given that Santillana Educación, S.L. is based in Spain, it is subject to compliance with the Spanish and European legislation regarding data protection and information society services.

Furthermore, Santillana Educación guarantees at all times full and integral compliance with current data protection and information society legislation, as well as adherence to any forthcoming law or regulation regarding both these areas.


c) Data Protection Officer

Personal data gathered by Santillana Services will constitute part of a data file which falls under the responsibility of Santillana Educación, S.L., whose registered office is in Avenida de los Artesanos, 6, 28760, Tres Cantos, Madrid, Spain, registered under the company register number N.I.F: B-28119261 and the Registro Mercantil de Madrid, under volume 9.985, folio 213, sheet M-6.201, inscription 59ª (henceforth, Santillana).

As part of Grupo Prisa, Santillana, has voluntarily designated a Data Protection Officer, to whom a User can express their claims, complaints, and suggestions regarding the processing of their personal data and request to exercise their rights. In order to do so, a User should write to the following email address:


d) Justification for processing Users’ personal data

Personal data gathered by Santillana Services is used to facilitate the following:

  • provision of User-personalised services which take into account a User’s personal profile, geographical location and particular preferences and tastes;.
  • the analysis of a User’s engagement with available services in order to offer, manage, administrate and improve both these services and/or the content offered by Santillana;
  • the design of new services which may be to a User’s interest;
  • incident and maintenance management.


e) Type of personal data gathered by Santillana Services

Santillana gathers a User’s data via Santillana Services.

This data is primarily linked to the IP address via which the User accesses these services or to a User code assigned unilaterally by Santillana. Said data can be considered to be personal data as far as it allows Santillana to identify a User or to make that User identifiable.

Santillana may link the following information to this data:

  • Use and navigation data. For statistical and marketing purposes, to enable access control to our webpages and third-party services, and to improve our knowledge of a User’s interests, use and navigation data may be gathered, including information pertaining to which service is used, how and when that service is used and whether a service has been reached by an advertisement displayed on a Service.
  • Along with the interests and profile of a User, inferred by the use and navigation carried out when a service is used, nformation pertaining to the device used type and model of device, the operating system type and version, unique device identifiers and information pertaining to the connection mode, mobile network, errors, system activity, hardware settings, browser type and language, connection time and date, URL reference, cookies, access from other devices, data storage recovery (as is explained in our COOKIE POLICY) is gathered, in order to carry out analytical studies and display personalised information as a result, both on proprietary and third-party services. When registering to use any of the services offered by Santillana Services, a USER accepts without reservation the COOKIE POLICY.
  • Santillana Services also employs User identification and monitoring technology, such as small and transparent images embedded in web pages and applications. When one of the aforementioned images is downloaded by you, or you access a link to an image, Santillana Services will recognize you as a User on your return. This information is used for statistical and analysis purposes regarding a User’s Access to and use of a service and to show personalised publishing or commercial information to Users, depending on the results of the analysis carried out and whilst using a service provided by Santillana or a third party.
  • Santillana services may also offer links to third-party services, identified with a code that lets the third party know that a user is accessing a specific service via Santillana Services.
  • Information about the territory from which the connection with Santillana Services originates. This allows Santillana to personalise its services and verify that no local audiovisual copyright laws have been breached.


f) The sharing of a User’s personal data shared with Third Parties

Santillana shall not give Access to a User’s personal data without current legislation allowing for this to occur.


g) Users under fourteen years of age

Users under fourteen years of age must not use Santillana Services without the consent of a parent or legally designated carer.

Should a User who may be under the age of fourteen be identified, Santillana reserves the right to request a copy of that person’s official identity document, or, in its absence, written permission to use Santillana Services from a parent or legally designated carer.


h) A User’s rights

A User may request to exercise their access, correction, deletion,  limitation of use, and transferability rights, as well as the withdrawal and revoking of these rights, by sending notification by post, accompanied by a copy  of their relevant and current identity documentation and in which the User identifies the right they wish to exercise. In such cases, it is advisable the User provide Santillana Services with information regarding the Services uses or has used, in order to respond to the User as effectively as possible.

Notwithstanding, it is not possible to exercise the aforementioned rights when these do not require the identification of a User (for example, via a User’s IP address), unless that User can provide further documentation that allows for them to be identified.

Users have Access to a complaints and claims form which may be sent to the Spanish Data Protection Agency ( and the Grupo Prisa Data Protection Officer (


i) Data storage timescale

During the period of time an individual remains a User of Santillana Services, i.e., whilst said User has not required to be deleted as such, Santillana can continue to process their data.

Should a User exercise their right to have their personal data deleted by Santillana, said data will be stored under restricted access and placed at the disposition of the relative authorities for a period of five years, in order to allow for posterior consultation in case of dispute.


j) Legal basis for processing Users’ personal data

The legal basis for the above information regarding personal data processing is the legitimate interest of Santillana in providing access to and control of Santillana Services.